Visual Style

On the 10th October, week 4 the class and I learnt the methodology ‘Visual style’. We learnt that we interpret understand images and other types of visual data such as videos, or photographs by the collection of methods from the methodology visual style. This is best when doing research.

When building frameworks or interpreting a subject on a case study we always use at least one kind of visual method to help explore the work were doing. We do this to either identify methods, viewpoints or with case studies looking at what the meaning behind the research and work were doing.

There are two types of research when looking into visual styles, quantitative and qualitative research.

When researching and viewing visual data we make sure to look at the type of settings, colours, objects or poses people may be in as it could have a deeper meaning.

Everything in videos, images or drawings all have meaning and relevance as it all creates a bigger image for the person viewing the visual data making it easier for them to understand the message or story behind it.

Eisenstein Sergei born 1898- 1948 was a pioneer for the use of montage as he argued the montage was essence of the cinema. He believed that film montage could create more ideas and imagination than individual images.

Throughout the lesson we also got taught about the editing and framing of film scenes, ‘Mise- en- scene’. We also analysed images and video and the sound it creates.

Overall, I understood half of what the lecturer was teaching us with the whole camera works meaning behind an image or scene as I got taught this a little bit in my college before this. The only thing that I found confusing was the different kind of research you can get by using visual style methods.


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