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Behind the Scenes of the Primark X NHS ‘Buy One Help Two’ Campaign Project

We as a group support Primark latest campaign, our view on this is good as it will be well for the community and helpful for the NHS.

The target audience for Primark (are mostly for individuals under 35, looking for low budget, eco-friendly clothing) as well as people who want to help the NHS. 

Primark will be revealing a bunch of new, accessible items and clothing out later on starting of this time next month. 

 A new line of jumpers, jeans and shirts will be in all Primark retail shops. The CEO of Primark has formally announced that roughly about 10-15% of the money they will be making will be fundraised towards the NHS. 

Progress of this campaign is going well for now, there’s talks already on multiple ads on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter coming up. Billboards are nearly ready to be published around streets.

Primark want to specifically tackle all of those that are in need of care in NHS, by hoping the money is used for more hospital beds and protective equipment for doctors and nurses, including health care assistants. 

We aim to advertise the campaign online everywhere and raise awareness of what we are doing. As it has been tough throughout the year fighting COVID. NHS have worked extremely hard looking after and making life’s a lot more comfortable for the people more prone to catch the virus. Primark has come to make a campaign not only for the company but for people who feel in their heart to get involved within this cause working toward the goals of helping the NHS. 


S- Were specifically targeting those in need and help all those who are putting their life on the line to take care of the people who risk having the virus and those of course already do.

M- We are currently working ahead of time to make this campaign happen.

A-Many people have various roles to play for this campaign.

R- We aim to put enough money, so that NHS can repair and buy new equipment.

T- This campaign will be around for a while, but official it has yet to be decided on what specific time it will end.