Trans Media

In the readings that I looked over. Each one went over the media term ‘ Trans media. In one reading called ‘ Defining Transmedia Storytelling’ it is told that theorists such Henry Jenkins explains that “ Transmedia Storytelling expands on the traditions of television narratives and the different universes they have”.

Examples of a film that uses transmedia, is Marvel as it has films as well as tv shows, comic books, games and merchandise.

From the research Ive gathered the concept of transmedia does not only play apart in just the narrative of television but films and comicbooks too. Reason for this is one being that both movies and comic books can be showing/ telling a narrative in a form of a films or book. Which can also be made in a form of television series too.

Reason why trans media is nessaceraly good is generally because viewers/ audience have various forms of entertainment to choose from. This is also useful for people in the business industry as they have a high market when comes to this. They make money of people buying their merchandise and viewing their content(films and shows)

I generally don’t mind that fact that there are many forms of trans media. As not only does it peak my interest. I will never get bored of what to choose.

CW1 100 word summary of my essay Assignment 205MAPA

This is an overview plan of what my essay will be about.

The media text I will be looking into is on a black film called ‘The hate you give’, this film is about a girl who lives in a rough black neighbourhood and witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend at the hands of a police officer.

Throughout the essay I will be explaining and showing how there’s encoding and decoding in the film. The three main theorists I will be choosing to back up my research and work are Tessa Perkins, Patricia Hill and Stuart Hall.

I’m also going ahead and including the term representation in my essay.

Within my Case study I will talk about news streams(medium), cultural ideological values, different realities through media.

Response to the readings week 3 205MAPA

The reading in which I read talk about subcultures, the types of subcultures and what defines it. People nowadays use subcultures to define who people are. As in reading 1 ‘Today’s youth subcultures: Resistance or corporation’, Bulent Kabas says “Subcultures create meaningful identities by means of their consumption rituals.” You could say it’s very useful when differentiating people within different cultures. Civilization in general are normally categorised into different kinds of cultures from religious groups to people from an ethnic background.

Apart from sub-cultures being useful, it’s also good for societies in the fact that it allows people from the same subculture to relate with each other and gain relationships from one another either believing in the same agenda or religion.

In my opinion I think categorising people in types of subcultures is normal as that what’s been happening since even before slavery. 

Everyone in one way or another is apart of a subculture. I generally think that subcultures don’t  affect me that much but occasionally I’m lead to follow what other people are doing if it’s cool like wearing nice clothes or trainers putting me in a subculture of designer wear.

Fanfiction Essay


After the long and dreadful fight between the avengers and Thanos’ army. The avengers eventually came on top defeating Thanos’s and his alliances. There was death everywhere. 

But little did tony stark know was once he snapped fingers figures using the gauntlet.

Not only did it resulting in sending Thanos away, but it let a whole bunch of people from another dimension in.

Them people that were let in, were known as the Justice League.

The justice League being confused of their whereabouts looked at the Avengers. The amount of bloodbath at the scene instantly got them to believe that the Avengers were villains rummaging a planet. 

As the two teams stared at each other, batman made an instinct move to be the first to start a fight by throwing a batarang at ironman to which he dodged, and laser beamed back.

It was inevitable both teams had to fight now, superman had his eyes set on the hulk, hulk grinned. 

As Thor’s eyes turned blue with lightening, Wonder Woman knew she will have to come face to face with a god.

Both Hawkeye and Black panther stared down Flash. Flash with an awkward look back at them saying “Aw lets just get this fight done and over with I got things to do”.

Aquaman the guy he is grins at ant man, thinking to himself really what kind of team is this. 

In a split second, ant man out of nowhere transformed into a giant. Aquaman response to this was “Shit” “Oh well at least we have the man of steel with us”

Cyborg questioning the survival rates of him and his team quickly made up something saying “We need reinforcements” while flying away in distance.

The League looked at him shockingly, while Aquaman laughing hysterically saying “He ain’t coming back is he.”

It was first walking to each other, to jogging, then sprinting to one another. As the first punch was led. Both teams knew that this fight will be their last.

Small task on subculture and Fandoms

Gangs in general are considered a bad subculture as their beliefs and values purely consists of the support of criminal behaviour. Things that gangs do don’t necessarily benefit community/ area they live in.

In my opinion I think the music subcultures are good as it acknowledges all the perfect music that was played during the past or present. It gives people who like the same genre of music a community to go to. 

The reason why some fandoms are bad, and some are good all depends on the fan base. For a fandom to be classed as good, fans must be able to support and help one another in their community whereas as a bad fandom have fans that attack other fans from other communities that necessarily does not like the things the other fans like.

It also depends the criticism.

205MAPA W2 Task work

As I’ve read the Stuart hall readings and watched the video where he talks about his own views on society today on the aspect of cultural identities and politics of position within law. There are a few points and statements I’ve picked up on that I would say are really important and relevant to me.

On the whole conception that ‘cultural identity’ and politics of position are all tied in on plays a huge effect in our society today.

On the academic sense of things knowing Stuart halls view of cultural identities helps me to further gain more knowledge and depth into people of a certain culture do what do and how the media can offend certain cultures by its statements and view for example a reading on the British Parliament, Enoch Powell in 1968 sim[ply saying that Britain will be slowly overruled by black people as they quickly grow in numbers, in addition to this he quotes “In this country, in 15 or 20 years’ time, the black man will have the whip hand over the white man.” Resulting till today a feeling of provocation towards people and the BBC whenever they think of broadcasting the speech.

Which leads me onto to encoding and decoding messages. As hall says is ‘how the content is structured, packaged and distributed’ that plays a part on how the audience sees or views things. For example, when Michael Jackson was on trial the media if said almost viewed him to be a ‘child- like paedophile’ losing sight of all the good that his down and focusing on the bad things instead.