Example of a Portfolio

When searching for a portfolio to look at I came across a site on Juliana- cavalcanti.com

On this particular website I saw a well organised and structured portfolio. As I read it, everything seemed to be aligned with the LinkedIn course on Portfolio building that graphic designer Professor Jason Fox taught.

I felt that the way she talked about herself was good. It wasn’t too brief but it wasn’t long either, just right.

There are links to some of the services she has worked and provided in detailing some of the things she did.

On the portfolio she created you can see that she’s managed to put a few images together showing us the audience of what she’s done.

At the bottom of her page she has put the most important details. Her contacts and other work she’s proud of doing.

What I’ve overall learnt from this is that when your looking to create a portfolio you will need to properly structure it so the person reading it can understand you also need to show the pieces of work you’ve done as that’s extremely important. This can sometimes determine if you get the job or not and finally whenever you create a portfolio make sure you have your contacts on their so they can call or email you.

Who I am now and what i’m aiming to achieve in the near future

Im a university student whose currently studying media and communications up in Coventry. Ive gone  and thought about multiple career paths I could go into in the past. I ultimately chose this particular path, not only is this career path interesting it also allows you to gain knowledge into how media works and how its communicated to everybody.

Throughout the times of learning the concept of media overall. I truly believe that I have gained a couple of skills, one being knowing my way around Adobe Photoshop and Pro premiere and also being rather imaginative.

Now knowing what kind of career path to take within Media and communications. I want to be involved with marketing and advertising alongside graphics as this is a good place where your  creative ideas can be heard.

Even though I know some skills, there are some I still need to grasp to ensure that I can even work within the industry. To do this I would need to make it my duty to attend online lessons that are offering to teach me the skills I need to progress. I would also have to contact people who are aware or in the marketing and advertising business.

I need be less shy as my career path is outgoing  and it involves quite a bit of teamwork. Adding onto what I last said i also need to work on my social skills.