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Image 1- National geographic (speaker) is a society that’s a global non profit organisation committed to explore and protect the planet. The fund and research conservation projects around the world.

National Geographic has 25.7million follows.

In terms of defining their voice, I feel they have a say in this. What they say could be impactful too.As they to have projects, there to help mend the environment and protect the planet. Their values and ideologies when posting this is purely for the good of mankind and those who need water necessities.

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Image 2 – Is a fanbase account for BTS dancer/singer and producer Park jimin. A South Korean Kpop.

This fanbase has 79.2k followers.

Their voice here relies on what the artist is doing. whether its in his spare time are out in the public. Their ideologies come from the fact that if Park Jimin does something good for the community such as this hashtag UNICEF is doing. It’s good for the cause.

Every year Park Jimin donates to good causes so this fanbase account has a lot of things to say.

Article: Social Media Marketing strategy Plan


Behind the Scenes of the Primark X NHS ‘Buy One Help Two’ Campaign Project

We as a group support Primark latest campaign, our view on this is good as it will be well for the community and helpful for the NHS.

The target audience for Primark (are mostly for individuals under 35, looking for low budget, eco-friendly clothing) as well as people who want to help the NHS. 

Primark will be revealing a bunch of new, accessible items and clothing out later on starting of this time next month. 

 A new line of jumpers, jeans and shirts will be in all Primark retail shops. The CEO of Primark has formally announced that roughly about 10-15% of the money they will be making will be fundraised towards the NHS. 

Progress of this campaign is going well for now, there’s talks already on multiple ads on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter coming up. Billboards are nearly ready to be published around streets.

Primark want to specifically tackle all of those that are in need of care in NHS, by hoping the money is used for more hospital beds and protective equipment for doctors and nurses, including health care assistants. 

We aim to advertise the campaign online everywhere and raise awareness of what we are doing. As it has been tough throughout the year fighting COVID. NHS have worked extremely hard looking after and making life’s a lot more comfortable for the people more prone to catch the virus. Primark has come to make a campaign not only for the company but for people who feel in their heart to get involved within this cause working toward the goals of helping the NHS. 


S- Were specifically targeting those in need and help all those who are putting their life on the line to take care of the people who risk having the virus and those of course already do.

M- We are currently working ahead of time to make this campaign happen.

A-Many people have various roles to play for this campaign.

R- We aim to put enough money, so that NHS can repair and buy new equipment.

T- This campaign will be around for a while, but official it has yet to be decided on what specific time it will end.

Press release 2012MAPA Week 3

For immediate release Sunday 7th February 2021

Primark has officially announced for all profits made from their new line of clothing to be donated to NHS 

One of the top clothing retail shops in the UK, Primark is formally announcing to give out a percentage of profits from their new line of clothing products they make to be donated to NHS. Primark, board of directors have all decided to start this mission in a few weeks’ time. Primark’s aim is to raise funds for the NHS to help in it’s fight against the COVID pandemic.

Since COVID has first emerged at the start of 2020, the number of deaths has increased, and the NHS has been overwhelmed by the amount of infected people.

This pandemic has caused major shock to NHS and their social care system.

Resources such as the hospital beds and personal protective equipment (PPE) has been drastically limited, other concerns are the staff and their wellbeing.

As this is predominantly important right now, Primark has made objectives to work with NHS and help anyway possible as a thank you gesture for the amount of work, they’ve done already.

Speaking more about the program taking place, CEO of Primark Paul Marchant said “Simon stevens and I are happy to announce that our partnership will hopefully take care of the issues involving COVID cases and treating them with good care.


For more information, please contact:

Mara Doyle 07885 138567


Notes to editors:

  1. Sources talking about the impact of NHS during COVID came from https://www.health.org.uk/news-and-comment/blogs/shock-to-the-system-covid-19s-long-term-impact-on-the-nhs

Primark Promotional Campaign: Winter Clothing.


  • To satisfy the customers’ needs.
  • To make a profit by a set date.
  • Be able to create as much adverts as possible so customers are aware of the new products Primark is selling.
  • To search for known people that will to be a brand face for the winter clothing.

Target Audience:

  • It’s for all people


  • To get as many people wearing this particular product during winter season (As if it becomes a trend)


  • In order for future customers to come and buy Primark products, its more appropriate and wiser to put up info on these products on pop advert found on YouTube.
  • Put banners up
  • Or create advert put on when commercials are on TV.
  • Use most of the social media platforms.

Issues/cause Primark needs to focus on?

  • Finding the right raw materials. 
  • Knowing what kind of winter products to sell.
  • Come up with a suitable price not too cheap, but not too expensive, just affordable.
  • What social media platform should it be advertised more on.

Core campaign message:

  • For customers from any age range to be able to buy nice accessible cheap winter clothes for a reasonable price without worrying about the cost.

Research PR, press and social media activities around chosen cause/issue:

  • Shops such as next, Boohoo man and Debenhams are one of the few who sell winter clothing as another whole kind of fashion.
  • These shops generally all sell clothes for an affordable than regular well-known brand shops.
  • They sell the right clothing at the right time, therefore boosting profits.
  • Shops put banners around causing awareness.

Brainstorm possible channels/tools for campaign:

  • The use of social media (its known for its use these days)
  • E.g. Instagram/Snapchat (mostly youth users), Facebook/Twitter (mainly adult users)
  • Use of billboards and adverts would work in favour.

Think about the role/responsibilities for all group members:

  • Photographer/designers for the billboard works.
  • A person who looks for potential people(models) who fills the role of acting as the face of the winter clothing line. (perhaps models from babies to adults)
  • A person who works on the social media sides of things- posting relevant/important news on the clothing all over different media platforms. 
  • A marketer

Produce key message:

  • “If you’re looking for nice clothes at a fair price, this is the right place for you”
  • “Cheap affordable nice clothes, we got it”
  • “Winter is almost near, be prepared. Come to Primark”

Construct a narrative:

  • Primark being able to accommodate peoples needs with modest, budget friendly winter clothes that are the same in quality or better than some designer shop around.

Produce a list of Stakeholders, their position/description and agenda:

  • Suppliers (third parties)
    • They produce goods(clothes)
    • Aim to make profit.
  • Customers (people who purchase products) 
    • They want the products to be made ethically.
  • Government (they allow multiple factories to get stored in many locations)
    • Their role is to make sure that Primark is following the rules /laws given to them.
  • Shareholders: (Investors of company) 
    • Make sure to get part of the profit from business.
  • Employee: (helping with the setting up and selling of the clothes) 
    • To gain a job, have great pay.