Film Writer/Film director

On the 26th April, I took some time to listen to a guest speaker spoke about his career as a film producer. Stephen Reynolds has created a lot of successful projects in the past. From tv shows to films. For example, ‘interrogation and 12 rounds 3: Lockdown. His currently directing a film called ‘Out and Mecca’.

He also spoke about how he got into this career and his love for it. As a kid he used to write scripts for fun. He went to an acting school. The information I took from the interview was in order to be a part of the filming industry, you need to have some knowledge with both media aspects and acting.

Another thing to be aware of is when being in the world of production is you need to know people in the business.

Other ways of having a successful career through the filming industry will be the creation of projects you have made. Having connections is really helpful and also sharing what you have to a bigger audience increases a better chance of being out there.

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Arts and Marketing Industry

On 19th of April, I listened to a talk by Lindsay Cook as part of the Careers in the Media Speaker Series. 

Lindsay Cook spoke about her work in arts and marketing, she also gave some interesting insights about the projects she has worked on. One of these was a youth theatre where she helps people with art, acting and designs. 

The specific tips and advice I took away from this talk was when Lindsay discussed how she got a start in advertising and what different activities she engaged in to begin her career. This is getting some skills doing work experience, also having to be creative in some way. Others would say that in the career you may need skills in public relations and managing skills.

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Advertising Professional

The second professional talk I listened to online was from a guy who works in the world of the advertising industry. His job acquires him to foresee different kinds of functions and give them the financial help they need in terms of promotions and advertising.

His been in the business for 24 years. Back in University, he and his friends loved organising music events and parties.

When he knew this was his passion, he left University to continue to his career. Organising and creating clubs such as SLAG, bars and working on a few v festival events.

 People who decide on working in the advertising industry have to have these four components, one is confidence when talking to clients, two is the person needs to have some type of professional experience like organising a few events and other include being proactive and focused.

Audio Editor

The first professional talk I listened to was from a person that claimed he is an audio editor; this audio editor has worked on created a lot of projects some popular than others.

One that was quite popular was Elite: Escape Velocity it’s somewhat of an audio book. Which is based on a game called, Elite dangerous.

Essentially, he talked to us about the kind of skills we would need if we were to go into the business and what to expect do it. As he is also a freelancer, it’s kind of resolved around that of 

work too.

From what I’ve searched about the job of an audio editor, is the fact the job they do can get pretty difficult at sometimes. Having the responsibility of selecting audio recordings in preparations for television programs, films, videos or games anything with recorded audio on it.

Editing can be purely for audio (example audio podcast, music, cd’s etc). 

Agarwal, R., 2020. What Is Audio Editing- How Is Music, Sound & MP3 Editing Done? [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 19 March 2020].

The key elements I took from this kind of industry is that if you want to be a freelancer audio editor you need to have the ability to have patience when find a next job offer as it will be stressful sometimes.

Some of the jobs you get can be very good in terms of the pay, but with this its much better to a job that will interest you.

Video Project

For one of my projects, a couple of my friends decided that we should all take part in a group project. The project we chose acquired us to produce and create a promotional campaign advert for a Burger King Company.

As we all had to have some type of role in the Burger King advert, we all came to a decision that two of us in the group were to do the pre-production while the other such as me were to help film and edit the video.

The role I took while filming and editing the video was to gather and collect a couple of stock materials and images.

While doing this project, I came across quite a few difficulties which I had to face. One being images that would be lovely for the video were the ones that were priced for a certain amount. 

Due to the amount of restrictions that went on around this time me and the people in the group were unable to finish of the Burger King advert as best as possible.

If I was to go ahead and do this particular project again the group and I would certainly do a better job. Such as recording our own video footage.

Film Review

When researching some information on film reviews, I had to first go through a few sites such as ‘IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, IGN Movies and Fandango’ to see how they wrote film reviews.

All of these important sites had one thing in common when writing reviews which promotes the cine film and that is each person that watches a film write their own input of how the film was to them, they also tend not to spoil the film as well but to hint to the people reading the review of what kind of theme the movie is taking whether its action, drama, comedic or scary etc.

In terms of the style of the writing and the way they do reviews nothing really sets them apart. 

When writing the review on the film Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw I made sure I watched the movie not once but twice so I could take notes. I also looked for the details of the director so I could read up on his motivation on making the film. Lastly, I explained clearly how the movie stood out.

The one thing I feel I should’ve done better would be talking more about the director and his motivation into making this film.


Looking at a few examples of professional posters throughout my search, I gathered from one poster in particular that the colour combination of red and white really works well  if you would like to convey a message across and possibly keeping the sentences readable; not only are the two colours neutral but it makes the words clearer on a page.

Keeping this in mind, the reason why I went for a neutral colour, was so that it is applicable to both genders, boys and girls.

As most boys and girls aged 10-13 don’t normally read posters, their parents go ahead and looks into that. So, making the poster formal was very important. 

Posters are generally normal in the media industry today, as many companies make posters for films in cinemas and billboards. Posters are well into the graphic industry.

I learned quite a bit from design a poster, one being there are different types of poster that are shown to the public. Posters that are formal and informal, and font makes all the difference. 

If I was to design a poster next time, I would work on improving how to form images and paragraphs on a poster, I also would work on sizing and adjusting the logo/ subtitles appropriately. 


When first thinking of creating a logo, I stuck to my three main guidelines that I follow always and that is what kind of audience is this logo trying to attract, is the logo gender based if so what gender does it fit into and most importantly the age range I’m looking to entice.

With me now using my creativity to conjure some ideas up in my head, when deciding a gender to collaborate with I simply just chose gender neutral, the logo I’m making will be applicable to both genders’ men and women.

In terms of age, I thought of making my logo well known to children aged 10-13-year olds. The software I used to design my logo, was adobe Photoshop. The idea that I came up with at the end was a football team logo. Where I used a contrast of multiple colours such as yellow, black and blue to covey happiness, importance and elegance.

The design was quite complex, I used multiple tools such as the eppilise, polygonal lasso and the line tool to construct my football logo and the circle.

To make the logo seem as professional as possible I used effects such as the ‘stroke, emboss and inner glow’ tool.

In terms of the industry practices I learnt how to adopt some of the graphic skills using the software ‘Adobe Photoshop’. When it come to the improvements of the logo, I think I would need to work on refining the way I use the brush tool when painting an object or image, so everything is filled.

Semiotic Analysis: Political Economy

During the first week of university, the 19th September my peers and I went over the whole topic, of semiotic Analysis and Political Economy.

Semiotic analysis in my understanding are the study of symbols and behaviours these symbols and signs that act as a language. Semiotic research approaches signs as existing forms such as pictures words, letters and objects.

Saussure Ferdinand born 1857 – 1913 described the signs for  semiotic analysis as the signifier and signified, the relation being based on the convention.

Another person called Sanders pierce Charles born 1839-1914 interpreted the methodology semiotic analysis as objects that have its own representation and interpretation. 

Ouellette, L. and Gray, J. (2017). Keywords for media studies. 1st ed. New york: New York University Press, p.97.

In the lesson we also learnt two terms which was denotation and connotation.

Denotation refers to the descriptive meaning of an object for example the KFC bucket meal, a bucket full of chicken from  wings, thighs to chicken drumsticks only sold to the fast food band KFC.

Connotation is the term dealing with the cultural meaning behind a term.

We also talked about political economy with its study of production and trade through the economic and non economic values and their relations with the law and governments in power. 

Before the lesson, I only knew a brief summary of what both of semiotic analysis and political economy were. I knew that we lived in a world where governments controlled our productions and trade. I believe that I have understood this better now.

For the required readings I had to view a passage called semiotics this allowed me to understand this methodology much easier.