280MAPA Media Ecology: My Understanding

‘Neil postman’ described the term media ecology as “Trying to find out what roles media forces us to play, how media structure what we are saying, why media make us feel and act as we do.”

 (Isslas & Bernal, 2016, p.190-191).

Media plays a huge part in society and that most of the things we get up to or do revolve around how we are affected by media. Whether its on the radio, tv, games or music.

Dr Robert K. logan’s concept of this term is the idea that “Media and technologies are languages of expression, which like a language communicate information with their own unique semantics and syntax.”  

(Isslas & Bernal, 2016, p.190-191).

This means that media can act as its own source of communication through what’s playing on television or the lyrics being consumed by us from music etc. 

Music can be communicated through a multitude of ways. Listening to music is considered to be a basic concept of the average person’s life.

YouTube are one of many ways in which music can be broadcasted to people. Listening to music on YouTube is almost like a custom and tradition to those in today’s society. Even though there are other kinds of platforms that stream music, there’s still a select amount of people who still listen to music on YouTube.

Whether it’s in a form of listening to music coming back from work, or school etc. This all comes under social environments.

From an Economical perspective, YouTube also get a vast amount of capital by the number of viewers and likes they have on the music content they publish.

The way YouTube has handled this is brilliant as it has made the company very successful and has increased their target market exponentially. 

In some ways we could say that music played in concerts is very different from music played on YouTube. Such as the ambience and environment, as concerts are normally crowded. the atmosphere of the music playing is mostly lively. 

Over time concerts have been a kind of culture, but the purpose of concerts is purely economic. The objective for a concert is the money being made, and playing music that satisfies the audience, as the audience has a massive influence on the way a concert will take place.

The similarity between both concerts and YouTube, is the way music is being communicated through both, as the music does play apart in the mental health aspect of things, changing the moods depends on the environment a person is in. 


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