Response to the readings week 3 205MAPA

The reading in which I read talk about subcultures, the types of subcultures and what defines it. People nowadays use subcultures to define who people are. As in reading 1 ‘Today’s youth subcultures: Resistance or corporation’, Bulent Kabas says “Subcultures create meaningful identities by means of their consumption rituals.” You could say it’s very useful when differentiating people within different cultures. Civilization in general are normally categorised into different kinds of cultures from religious groups to people from an ethnic background.

Apart from sub-cultures being useful, it’s also good for societies in the fact that it allows people from the same subculture to relate with each other and gain relationships from one another either believing in the same agenda or religion.

In my opinion I think categorising people in types of subcultures is normal as that what’s been happening since even before slavery. 

Everyone in one way or another is apart of a subculture. I generally think that subcultures don’t  affect me that much but occasionally I’m lead to follow what other people are doing if it’s cool like wearing nice clothes or trainers putting me in a subculture of designer wear.

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