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In the readings that I looked over. Each one went over the media term ‘ Trans media. In one reading called ‘ Defining Transmedia Storytelling’ it is told that theorists such Henry Jenkins explains that “ Transmedia Storytelling expands on the traditions of television narratives and the different universes they have”.

Examples of a film that uses transmedia, is Marvel as it has films as well as tv shows, comic books, games and merchandise.

From the research Ive gathered the concept of transmedia does not only play apart in just the narrative of television but films and comicbooks too. Reason for this is one being that both movies and comic books can be showing/ telling a narrative in a form of a films or book. Which can also be made in a form of television series too.

Reason why trans media is nessaceraly good is generally because viewers/ audience have various forms of entertainment to choose from. This is also useful for people in the business industry as they have a high market when comes to this. They make money of people buying their merchandise and viewing their content(films and shows)

I generally don’t mind that fact that there are many forms of trans media. As not only does it peak my interest. I will never get bored of what to choose.

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  1. Hi Korede (if I may),

    Thanks for sharing some of your thoughts on this week’s reading. I just thought I’d clarify the point you made about film and comic books. They should not be seen as separate – the whole point of transmedia storytelling is that the narrative spreads across of these media (hence trans-media) to paint a bigger picture of the story (or world/universe).

    You make a good point about boredom at the end, but also remember that one of core arguments for transmedia is that each medium used is not just for variety, but because that medium is the best way to tell that particular story.

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