205MAPA W2 Task work

As I’ve read the Stuart hall readings and watched the video where he talks about his own views on society today on the aspect of cultural identities and politics of position within law. There are a few points and statements I’ve picked up on that I would say are really important and relevant to me.

On the whole conception that ‘cultural identity’ and politics of position are all tied in on plays a huge effect in our society today.

On the academic sense of things knowing Stuart halls view of cultural identities helps me to further gain more knowledge and depth into people of a certain culture do what do and how the media can offend certain cultures by its statements and view for example a reading on the British Parliament, Enoch Powell in 1968 sim[ply saying that Britain will be slowly overruled by black people as they quickly grow in numbers, in addition to this he quotes “In this country, in 15 or 20 years’ time, the black man will have the whip hand over the white man.” Resulting till today a feeling of provocation towards people and the BBC whenever they think of broadcasting the speech.

Which leads me onto to encoding and decoding messages. As hall says is ‘how the content is structured, packaged and distributed’ that plays a part on how the audience sees or views things. For example, when Michael Jackson was on trial the media if said almost viewed him to be a ‘child- like paedophile’ losing sight of all the good that his down and focusing on the bad things instead.

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