Primark Promotional Campaign: Winter Clothing.


  • To satisfy the customers’ needs.
  • To make a profit by a set date.
  • Be able to create as much adverts as possible so customers are aware of the new products Primark is selling.
  • To search for known people that will to be a brand face for the winter clothing.

Target Audience:

  • It’s for all people


  • To get as many people wearing this particular product during winter season (As if it becomes a trend)


  • In order for future customers to come and buy Primark products, its more appropriate and wiser to put up info on these products on pop advert found on YouTube.
  • Put banners up
  • Or create advert put on when commercials are on TV.
  • Use most of the social media platforms.

Issues/cause Primark needs to focus on?

  • Finding the right raw materials. 
  • Knowing what kind of winter products to sell.
  • Come up with a suitable price not too cheap, but not too expensive, just affordable.
  • What social media platform should it be advertised more on.

Core campaign message:

  • For customers from any age range to be able to buy nice accessible cheap winter clothes for a reasonable price without worrying about the cost.

Research PR, press and social media activities around chosen cause/issue:

  • Shops such as next, Boohoo man and Debenhams are one of the few who sell winter clothing as another whole kind of fashion.
  • These shops generally all sell clothes for an affordable than regular well-known brand shops.
  • They sell the right clothing at the right time, therefore boosting profits.
  • Shops put banners around causing awareness.

Brainstorm possible channels/tools for campaign:

  • The use of social media (its known for its use these days)
  • E.g. Instagram/Snapchat (mostly youth users), Facebook/Twitter (mainly adult users)
  • Use of billboards and adverts would work in favour.

Think about the role/responsibilities for all group members:

  • Photographer/designers for the billboard works.
  • A person who looks for potential people(models) who fills the role of acting as the face of the winter clothing line. (perhaps models from babies to adults)
  • A person who works on the social media sides of things- posting relevant/important news on the clothing all over different media platforms. 
  • A marketer

Produce key message:

  • “If you’re looking for nice clothes at a fair price, this is the right place for you”
  • “Cheap affordable nice clothes, we got it”
  • “Winter is almost near, be prepared. Come to Primark”

Construct a narrative:

  • Primark being able to accommodate peoples needs with modest, budget friendly winter clothes that are the same in quality or better than some designer shop around.

Produce a list of Stakeholders, their position/description and agenda:

  • Suppliers (third parties)
    • They produce goods(clothes)
    • Aim to make profit.
  • Customers (people who purchase products) 
    • They want the products to be made ethically.
  • Government (they allow multiple factories to get stored in many locations)
    • Their role is to make sure that Primark is following the rules /laws given to them.
  • Shareholders: (Investors of company) 
    • Make sure to get part of the profit from business.
  • Employee: (helping with the setting up and selling of the clothes) 
    • To gain a job, have great pay.


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