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Image 1- National geographic (speaker) is a society that’s a global non profit organisation committed to explore and protect the planet. The fund and research conservation projects around the world.

National Geographic has 25.7million follows.

In terms of defining their voice, I feel they have a say in this. What they say could be impactful too.As they to have projects, there to help mend the environment and protect the planet. Their values and ideologies when posting this is purely for the good of mankind and those who need water necessities.

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Image 2 – Is a fanbase account for BTS dancer/singer and producer Park jimin. A South Korean Kpop.

This fanbase has 79.2k followers.

Their voice here relies on what the artist is doing. whether its in his spare time are out in the public. Their ideologies come from the fact that if Park Jimin does something good for the community such as this hashtag UNICEF is doing. It’s good for the cause.

Every year Park Jimin donates to good causes so this fanbase account has a lot of things to say.

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