PDP ( Personal Development Planning)

I have always considered myself as being creative. Over the years of studying and learning creative media I have obtained many skills that will surely help me out int the future and in the later career that I want to pursue. 

I have gained knowledge in photography, editing via Adobe Pro Premiere, designing using Photoshop. 

Since being in University I have required many more useful skills such as filming and editing audio.

Aims for my foreseeable future during my two years of university is to try and develop more of my creative work in graphic designing and editing videos so I can produce suitable but professional – like posters/logos/ websites and videos etc.

This year that’s gone by, I looked for opportunities which would help my graphic and editing skills. I was unable to find any, so I ended up choosing presentation skills, this though helped me in my confidence talking. For next year I am choosing Add+Vantage module media which will support me.

In the future, I’m hoping to go into a career of graphic designing whether its designing posters, logos magazines or websites. Being a freelancer would be interesting to do as I would to be my own boss. 

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